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Which shooting stick is right for you?


So which of our shooting sticks is right for you?

Let's first start with explaining how the models differ, we have five models named:

- PH-Multistick 2018

- PH-Multistick Classic

- PH-Rhino Quadscope 2018

- PH-Rhino Quadscope Classic

- PH-Rhino Combi Classic

As you can see there is some repetition in the naming. It can further be broken up to the first part of our shooting sticks name and the last part, each has a different meaning to the stick.

The first part, PH-Multistick and PH-Rhino describes the top of the stick. The Multistick have wedges in both front and back, where the Rhino have a flat front and a wedge on the back. The PH-Rhino Combi is a mix of the two, where it got the Rhino’s front and the Multisticks back.

As an extra feature on the PH-Rhino, it is possible to add a fifth leg for extra support, the PH-XSupport.



The last part of the name: 2018 and Classic describes the legs and feet.

Since all our sticks are telescopic, this also means that some part of the leg needs to be wider so they can compress and expand. With the 2018 model the top part of the leg is wider and with the Classic model, the bottom part is wider. The only real difference of this for the hunter, is where on the legs you tighten or loosen them. The 2018 model is adjusted from the bottom and the Classic model from the top.


There is also a difference in the feets of the 2018 and Classic models. Function wise they are the same, they both have a rubber cover that can be pulled off, with a pin/spike underneath, though with different looks. So no matter which surface you wish to have a stable shooting platform on, our shooting sticks can do it.


More detailed information can be found under each sticks product description.

An overall difference of the 2018 and Classic is that the 2018-models is usually a bit longer. So if you travel a lot and wish to bring your shooting stick in your backpack, the Classic is usually easier to pack.



So which stick is the right one for you?

That is a really good question, it really depends on personal preference and how you like to hunt. Overall we would say that the Multistick provides a more stable platform on different terrains, since the rifle will always be locked securely in place. And with the unique design of our joints, it is still possible to do fine adjustments without compromising stability.

In our films, it is the PH-Multistick Classic you see Paul demonstrating.

If you wish for additional adjustability when the shooting stick is set up and in position, then the PH-Rhino is the right choice for you. When the shooting stick is set up you can still adjust the rifle sideways on the Rhino’s flat front. And while still being adjustable, the front is covered in rubber so the rifle will only move when you want it to.

While these are two different designs of shooting sticks, they both provide excellent support and ensure safe shooting, while still being flexible and fitting your needs.

So whether you are doing drift hunting, clap hunting, wild boar hunting, buck hunting, fox hunting, mountain hunting or pirsch hunting our sticks will be your new best friend.