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PH-Rhino Combi Classic

PH-Rhino Combi Classic

1.342,80 DKK

Model/Product no.: PH-RCC
Stock status: In stock

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    ( + 186,50 DKK )

We have made our signature shooting stick even better! We have kept the great build quality, the sturdy materials, the flexibility and designed a new topmount that gives you more freedom than before!


For custom logos, contact us on E-mail.



  • Wide rubbercoated frontsupport, where the rifle can be adjusted approx. 5 cm side to side
  • Can be used with 5th. support-leg (PH-XSupport) (added extra)
  • Stepless telescopic adjustability and robust
  • Can be adjusted/operated with one hand
  • Silent in the wind
  • Corrosion free
  • Pin and rubber feet
  • Made in Denmark
  • Design protected and patented (Pat. No. PA 201770057)
  • Easy to travel with
  • Black transportbag is included
  • Possibility for own name and logo on the frontplate (added extra)


Can be used:

  • As a 1-legged shooting stick
  • As a 2-legged shooting stick
  • As a 3-legged shooting stick by using the support-leg (PH-XSupport)
  • As a 4-legged shooting stick
  • As a 4-legged shooting stick, with one loose leg in the front for more flexibility (watch video on frontpage)
  • As a 5-legged shooting stick by using the support-leg (PH-XSupport)
  • For running game (watch video on frontpage)
  • For shooting up and down, with legs adjusted in pairs at different levels (watch video on frontpage)
  • As a high bench for control shooting
  • In terrain with different levels



  Weight approx. 1090 gram
  Height max approx. 180 cm
  Height min approx. 80 cm
  Disassembled for transport approx. 71 cm