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About PH-Jagt (Our history)
We opened for business in 2003 where we started by designing, manufacturing and selling our own shooting ladders. These ladders are still to be found in the danish countryside, which speaks to the quality we are aiming for - It should last!
It didn’t take long for us to move on to the next project. This time it would be a new take on the guthook. Small, smart and so effective that you might as well call it the zipper!
In 2007 we came out with ours and the world's first model of the 4-legged telescopic shooting stick, which now is known as the PH-Multistick Classic. This design has been through everything and whether you want to go buck hunting, boar hunting, drift hunting, clap hunting or pirsch hunting, this stick will be your best friend and guarantee safe shooting.
Hunters requested a design where you could adjust sideways after setting up, which caused the PH-Rhino to be born.
Both designs are stable, flexible and of the highest quality. The greatest testimony to this is the praise we receive from all the hunters who have chosen one of our shooting sticks as their tool for hunting.
It is also possible to get all our products engraved. This could be name, instagram name, youtube name or logo.

Where can you try or buy the shooting sticks?
Our primary point of sale is through our webshop, this gives us the ability to sell directly to the hunter. We also participate in different trade shows in Denmark, Germany and Austria, where it is possible to come and try our shooting sticks. Throughout the year you can find us in Dortmund (Jagd und Hund), Salzburg (Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei) and Neumünster (Outdoor  Jagd und Natur). We are always on the lookout for new trade shows that fit our profile.

General information about our products and quality
At PH-Jagt we have the highest quality at the best price. The founder of PH-Jagt, Paul Haugaard, has been a hunter his entire life and has a lifelong experience at innovating, designing and producing products made to be used. These experiences are our cornerstone. And the reason that we today have what many hunters see as the best shooting stick on the market.

Our products are produced in Denmark by us, which gives us a unique quality control.
To be able to offer the lowest price for the best shooting stick, we have chosen a minimal distribution chain. There is us and the customer, no middleman. This means when you buy from our webshop, you are buying directly from the creator of the modern shooting stick.
That we are keeping everything as simple as we are, also means we can offer personal service, advice and support.

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