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Terms and conditions


The partners of the transaction:

"Buyer" is used to describe the person who do business outside his/her trade and is by sending an order to PH-jagt, making an offer to buy and getting a certain product delievered.
"PH-Jagt" is used in the following to describe the physical or legal person, who by accepting the buyers order are selling the product. It is also used to describe the homepage where the product is shown and ordered from.


Product information:
On PH-Jagt.dk the products most common features are mentioned. For more information or questions regarding the current information, send an e-mail to PH-Jagt by using ph@ph-jagt.dk


All prices can change from day to day, and are only valid on the day the order is given. Changes in the prices may occur.
All prices on the PH-Jagt.dk include danish VAT


The presentation of a product with a price on PH-Jagt.dk is not a committing offer, but a recommondation to make an offer.
When the buyer sends an order using PH-Jagt.dk, it is not a commeting accept, but a committing offer to PH-Jagt.dk to buy the product and accepting the terms and conditions.
A binding agreement between buyer and PH-Jagt are not made before PH-Jagt sends an order confirmation and thereby accepting the Buyers offer.


The information you enter when buying products, will be encrypted (SSL) and sent directly to PBS, so only you and PBS can read them. There will be no other who will see or save information about you. When using Dankort or creditcard, the money will be withdrawn as soon as the product is sent from PH-Jagt.

Risk of mishap or degradation:
Not until the point where the ordered product is in the possession of the buyer, do the risk that the ordered product will be damaged or destroyed because of reasonable conditions, transfer to the buyer.


PH-Jagt offer according to danish law 2 years of warranty starting from the day the product is ordered. The warranty cover errors in fabrication and defective materials. The warranty do not cover errors, damages or wear and tear, that comes directly or indirectly from misusing, poor maintanance, violence or unauthorized modifications.
The invoice have to be presented to PH-Jagt for the warranty to be valid.
Eventual comments on faults with the product, should be giving to PH-Jagt within reasonable time, after the buyer have or should have discovered the fault. If the buyer does not do this, the buyer will loose its right to use the warranty on the fault.
We also ask you to explain where the fault lies.

Most of our products are made by hand in our workshop, therefore cosmetic imperfections can occur. These are not covered by warranty, since they do not affect the function of the products.


Disclaimer and warranty:
PH-Jagt have made it easy for you to retrieve information from other websites through links. PH-Jagt have no control over these sites. Therefore PH-Jagt have no responsibility of the content on these sites.
Information about the ordered products from such sites, is not included in the agreement between Buyer and PH-Jagt, when a product is ordered.
PH-Jagt is not liable for direct or indirect looses caused by late delivery, or if the product have shortcomings, when the late delivery or shortcomings are caused by the buyers actions or lack thereof. Or causalities there are outside of PH-Jagts control, such as war, rebellion, disturbances, civil unrest, fire, goverment interference, seizure, currency restrictions, workconflicts of any kind - which includes strikes and lockout.

PH-Jagt will only cover shipping cost within the EU while warranty is active. Buyers outside the EU will be responsible for shipping and customs cost, for both sending and receiving.

PH-Jagt does not provide individual warranties on the ordered products. The buyer will only get the default warranties.


Return policy:
If the buyer informs PH-Jagt that the buyer have regretted his/her purchase within 14 days after delivery, PH-Jagt will return the received amount of money.
Products which are returned with no stamps or sent as "COD" (Cash On Delivery), won't be received. When returning a product, we prefer if you use Post Danmark or equilant when sending from abroad. When using these services it is possible to trace the package in transit, in case they are lost. You should send the product securely packaged - with a copy of the invoice and write that you wish to use the return policy and therefore wish to have your money returned. We recommend that you return the package marked fragile.
You can also use the retur npolicy by refusing the receive the package.
This return policy is for all the products over the internet to consumers. Products that er specially made and products that are sold to businesses are not covered by this return policy.


PH-Jagt reserve the right to change and update the terms and conditions, which this website uses. Therefor it is important that you keep yourself updated if any changes have occurred.


Abuse of PH-Jagt and its websites, will be reported to the police.