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The PH-Goodluck clip is the simplest and best way to secure your rifle while walking around.
We have designed this new rifle securing clip after the principles: Simple, cheap, durable and functional.
The clip is designed to be mounted on almost all rifle slings. And the following cords can be adjusted to fit any hunter. If you want something different than the cords, they are simple to replace to something to your liking, all it needs is a knot in the end to be used with the PH-Goodluck.

For setting up, we highly recommend for you to see our video where we walk through the two basic ways to use the PH-Goodluck. There are many more, experiment and find out how you like it.
Link to video



  • Made From highly durable plastic
  • Developed and made in Denmark
  • Can be used on most rifle slings
  • Use your own cords or straps with the PH-Goodluck, all it needs is a knot that fits
  • Takes up no space when not in use
  • Unique design of clip to minimize it slipping on the strap
  • As with all our products, it can be engraved
  • Patented
  • Design protected


So why a cord and not eg. a nylon strap?
Under the development of the clip, we tried many different options other than the cord, but we kept coming back to the cord as the best all around solution. It is the most adjustable solution and the lightest. This means when you disconnect the cord from the clip, you won’t feel its weight under your rifle.


Depending on your rifle strap, the clamping force and locking design, might leave marks.



Lenght 68 mm
Width 44 mm
Height 27 mm
Opening when "clamp is parallel 8,6 mm
Weight 21 gram
Cords in package 2