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New webshop, new product names, same great quality

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New webshop, new product names, same great quality

Something have happend during the summer!


We have, as you can see, moved to a new webshop, where everything hopefully should be a bit more accessible and "up to date"


As you might also have noticed, we have changed the names of our products.

The 4-legged shooting stick is now PH-Multistick and the 3-legged shooting stick have been changed to PH-Stork, while the PH-Rhino Quadscope will keep its name.

All 3 shooting sticks will get 2 minor variations. A Classic and a 2018 version. The main difference between these two, will be that the 2018 version will have rubber feet and therefor will be a bit higher.


We will also offer our new support-leg (XSupport) for the PH-Rhino Quadscope and PH-Stork.

PH-XSupport is an extra leg which is incredible easy to mount on both PH-Rhino Quadscope (both Classic and 2018) and the PH-Stork, which gives the possibility of amazing stability. When you don't feel like you need it, it comes with a "snapclip", which makes it easy to park along the other legs.


As a new thing, we now offer custom made shooting sticks. If you want to mix and match our different products, please contact us and we can talk about possibilities and pricing.

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  • Peter

    Have you prices shipped to New Zealand? And a email contact. Thanks Peter


    • Anders @ PH-Jagt
      Anders @ PH-Jagt

      commenting on by Peter

      Hi Peter, Can I get you to send a mail through our contact-page https://ph-jagt.dk/contact/ and we will see if we can\'t help you out.


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